Uli Niemann

Data Scientist & Postdoctoral Research Scientist

Hi! I am a postdoctoral research fellow in the Knowledge Management and Discovery Group at the Faculty of Computer Science, Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg (OvGU).

In 2021, I finished my PhD on "Intelligent Assistance for Expert-Driven Subpopulation Discovery in High-Dimensional Timestamped Medical Data". My research focus lies in data science for healthcare.

My methodological interests are predictive modeling, explainable AI, data visualization, temporal data representations, and the intersection of machine learning and causal inference.

I have taught several data science courses at OvGU, including Data Science with R, Data Mining I, and Visual Analytics.

I hold a B.Sc. (2012) and M.Sc. (2014) in business information systems.

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